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48 Y/O
5'11" -178 cm
185lbs - 83 kg
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17 Dec, 2009
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Escort | Modelo | Masaje erótico | Terapia de tacto | Videos | Cita novios | Stripping
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Anal | Vello corporal | Pies | Besos/caricias | Leche | Pezones | Juego de roles | Azotes | Calcetines | Cosquillas | Lucha | Axilas | Osos | Puños | Deportistas | Músculos | Beso negro | Verbal | Lluvias doradas | Oral | Daddy | Jovencitos | Grupos/Tríos | Juguetes
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Pornstar gay ubicado en Washington, DC
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Mis datos

So many choices, so many options- so why chose me?

There have been many changes in our industry lately. There is a lot of competition and making a choice is difficult. Honestly it can be confusing and complicated....
So why me? Well.... Who, these days, in this Washington DC/ Northern Virgina LOCAL MARKET is a known and proven commodity? Who has perfect reviews? Who has been ON TOP of this industry since 1993??? Only ONE guy- me?
Who is free of illegal drugs? Who shows up? Who can actually even spell the word, “Discreet,” anymore? Who can get it up and keep it up? Who never watches the clock? Who is the nicest, friendliest guy with no attitude? Me!
Who is all about loyal local regulars and who do the most discriminating DIstrict visitors turn to when they want quality?
Who is masculine, muscular and sees guys of all ages, races, sizes and body types? Me!
Who has the best hands for rubs in the area?
Who has brand new current pics? Me! Lastly, IF SIZE MATTERS, then my pics speak for themselves!
Email is fine but the best way to contact me is by calling or texting me 24/7. Just click the “Contact me” part of my profile. My name is Mikey but most fans, friends and followers just call me simply magic.
Thanks for your time. P.s. one last thing: I am avail mornings and afternoons. I offer specials at those times. Please ask me about them!

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Estimados visitantes a, recientemente MAGICMIKEYDC respondió a 16 preguntas de la entrevista cual fue actualizada el .

  • ¿Cuéntanos un poco acerca de ti mismo? Algo que te gustaría que otros sepan absolutamente sobre ti.

    I’m a great ACTOR. I’m goning to change this question just a bit. If I had one piece of advice for younger pornstars or adult entertainers and models it would be this which is the secret to my success. I get into it. Every scene and every role I’ve ever played with every client for 26 years I left it all out there. I never held back. I made every client feel special and made them believe I was really into them.
    The facts are that I am only actually attracted to a very small percentage of males sexually but I was able to make my cock react and act like every client was my exact type!
    That is a gift and a talent very few possess but to an extent it can be learned of one is so motivated.
    Very very few have 10 inches like me but whatever you have been blessed with make it count! Make it work! I’ve never once partied or done an illegal drug. Why? Because they would and will kill my cock! Sex is my drug!
    That is why I’ve aged well and still turn heads pushing 50! That is why my body still rocks and hasn’t fallen apart. Clean living baby!
    I PLAY a bad boy and I play the role better than anyone but I’m not a bad boy at all.....

  • ¿Cuáles son tus pasatiempos e intereses?

    You mean other than being an admitted sex addict? Lmao!!! Well I do like golf as getting it in the hole is what I am about! Lol! Believe it or not I’m into Chess and I’m real good. I can be a closet nerd! Beach! I normally have killer tan lines but winters in DC have made them less so these days. Travel! The modeling business has taken me to all 50 states and I have fucked in all 50 states! Gardening. Built a pretty big side biz doing that when I lived in New Orleans. Reading and writing! I’ve been writing a book about my first career as an evangelist. It’s fun. So far it is 29 chapters and 1,015 pages. Will eventually be a trilogy like 50 shades. It is an honest condemnation of the world of organized institutional religion which I was a part of as a teenager and a young man.

  • ¿Qué haces para divertirte?

    This is an interesting answer! I’m bi and I have been in love with only TWO men in my life. There have been several great Sugar Daddies and literally thousands of great clients. I’ve seen it ALL in the gay world. So..... these days when I am off the books and doing something just for fun I am usually chasing impossibly gorgeous WOMEN and nailing babes half my age. I cannot explain this behavior. I have always related to my straight and bisexual married and closeted clients. I’m real discreet and masculine so they trust me and they like the fact that I live for pussy, tits and ass. Having a thick as my wrist almost as long as my foot 10 inch cock gives me an incredible advantage getting women because in the modern dating world it is a game of inches and size does not just matter- it is everything! It’s hard to explain but this bisexual guy who can also be a Twink Magnet really truly gets off on hooking up with America’s most gorgeous women!
    One thing about it is that because I am Bi and visually into cute guys.... it takes me forever to cum with a woman so my staying power and stamina is legendary. As a gigolo I can also cum twice which is nice!

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